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SB Automotive is your ultimate auto body shop in Philadelphia, PA. Whether it’s an everyday scratch or a severe collision, our expert mechanics can repair it for you. If you’re looking for quick service and quality parts at a reasonable price, we should be your first choice. Call us today and book your auto body service today!

Trustworthy and Professional Auto Body Care

Has your car been in an accident recently? Or it needs some TLC to get back to its very best? SB Automotive has a solution for all. We are your reliable and trustworthy auto body shop in Philadelphia. No matter how big or complex a situation, our technicians will fix your car’s exterior like new.

Furthermore, our expert folks understand the hassle and pain that comes with auto body damage. That’s why, we’re ready to offer you top-notch collision, dent, and scratch repairs. We designed our auto body services in a way so that not only you can get back on the road safely but also quickly.

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Why SB Automotive For Auto Body Shop Philadelphia?

Experienced Technicians

At SB Automotive, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our folks have years of expertise in repairing all types of cars. As a result, we can help you with any kind of auto body repairs. From providing paintless dent repair to major collision damage, we have solutions for all.

Advanced State-of-the-art Equipment

Technology is the main player in the Auto Mobile industry. For this reason, we have the latest tools and equipment to conduct all the projects. Our mechanics follow the manufacturer's specifications and maintain its structural integrity from start to finish.

Commitment to Quality

SB Automotive is all about quality and service. That’s why, our company uses only top-of-the-line components and methodologies to guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality repair. The commitment we have towards customers is unmatchable in Philadelphia.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Our work ensures that you’re properly compensated if something goes south. For this reason, we work directly with your insurance company. It helps you fast-forward the claims process, removing the hassle of repairing your car.

Great Customer Service

At SB Automotive, we care about the customers more than anything. Hence, prioritizing clear communication with you is a must for us. One of us will always be there for you to provide updates throughout the repair process.

Our Auto Body Services in Philadelphia, PA

Paintless Dent Removal

Dents are a huge pain for any car owner. Our expert folks offer dent removal from the body of a car without disrupting the paint of the area. It’s a great option if your vehicle has gone through minor dents that didn't go through the paint job.

Body Filler

Another great repair for scratches and dents. Body filler is a putty-like chemical that we use to fill in dents and dings. After putting it in, we need to wait for it to get dry. Once it is dry, we level it to the car body and then paint it again.

Bumper Repair or Replacement

Bumpers absorb the impact in a collision, it is made for that. So, sometimes the first thing to get damaged may be a vehicle’s bumper. In this case, we can repair it for you if it’s still repairable. Otherwise, upon your wish, we will replace it for you.

Car Body Painting

Looking to repaint your car to make it look like a new one? Well, our company can repaint the body of your ride just like new. Whether you’re doing it to repair damage or to change the color, we can help you with that. We'll cover your ride with new paint in a matter of time.

Window Repair and Replacement

From time to time, windshields and car windows can be damaged. Whether it cracked, chipped, or shattered, we have a solution for all. However, in some cases, there is no repair. We can offer you an auto glass repair then.

Car Collision Repair

Collisions are normal when you’re driving regularly, accidents happen. And when this happens, the exterior gets damaged badly. We can repair all kinds of collisions in your damaged vehicle. Maybe it’s body panel replacement, frame straightening, or painting, we do all.

Frame Alignment and Repair

We all know that the frame of a car is the foundation. Hence, normal bent or damage can cause a variety of problems for you. For example, unmatched tire wear, difficulty steering, or braking issues. We can align your frame into its original position and make it work like new.

Car Detailing

It’s the process of cleaning and restoring the aesthetic of a car. The service includes washing, waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning. We would love to do it for you. Whether you want something to be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost, we can offer you a convenient solution. Call us hotline today and get free estimates.

Quality Auto Components at the Best Price

SB Automotive always has two objectives: Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction. We need help to provide the service we are committing to, at least at our operating price points. Your satisfaction is our priority. For this reason, all of the auto body components are standardized market prices.
We have no hidden fees or additional charges. You only pay the MRP, and that’s it. As a result, you will get top-quality service at a regular, if not lower, price. We guarantee that you’ll be more than happy when you leave our location.

Book Your Appointment with the Best Auto Body Shop in Philadelphia, PA

Are you searching for the best auto body shop in Philadelphia? Well, SB Automotive is the right place for you. From minor paint jobs to major collision repairs, we offer a wide range of auto body services. We have the best team, technology, and proper knowledge in this field. Hence, you can trust your ride with us without worrying that much.

To get our services, pick up your phone and call our hotline today to get a free estimate. You can also mail us about your queries. One of us will contact you as soon as we get your message!


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It depends on the repair jobs you are taking at auto body shops in PA. If it’s a minor repair, it will take around 1-2 days. However, depending on the type and complexity, it could take 2-4 four weeks.

Yes, we will help you with car repair suggestions. Once you come to our garage for diagnosis, our folks will thoroughly check and determine what’s wrong. After getting a full understanding of the situation, we will suggest you required measures.

Yes, all of the car components that we provide are completely authentic. We are a registered auto body shop in PA state. So, it’s a pride to say that all of our services and products contain international quality. You can trust our auto items with your eyes closed.  

You can try to remove dents at home, but, it’s never a good idea. First of all, dents are not easy to remove and can cause more damage if not treated correctly. Second, you need proper tools to do this job. Hence, it’s better to call the professional and seek their help.

Well, thousands of types of products are available in the automobile industry. So, it’s not practically possible to have all kinds of products at once. However, we do have most “Regular” items at our garage that you need regularly.

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