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Welcome to SB Automotive, your one-stop auto repair Philadelphia, PA shop. From engine repairs to brakes to electrical systems, we can be your ultimate destination. No matter how minor or complex car repairs you want, our expert hands can easily provide them. So, grab your phone and book our certified technicians today!

The Ultimate Car Repair Guys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One little mistake could hugely ruin your ride. Hence, you can’t hand over your favorite car just to anybody. So, the next option is to find someone who knows their way around with four-wheelers. That’s where SB Automotive comes into play. We have the best technicians in the industry who know how to diagnose, repair, and provide tailored solutions for your vehicle.

With our extended industry experience, we can easily repair your car without any issues. Our modern facility can handle any car despite its size, complexity, and condition. All you have to do is to come to our premises and let us know what you want, the rest is our job. And the best part is, this comes at one of the cheapest price points in PA state.

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Why SB Automotive for Auto Repair Philadelphia?

Speedy Service

Auto repairs take time and because of that sometimes it becomes a pain. That's why, our trained folks offer quick turnarounds, resulting in you back on the road at the earliest possible time. Also, unlike the rooks in the industry, we don’t waste time or schedule management.

Trust the Experienced Folks

We have been serving in the automobile industry for a long time. During the long journey, our mechanics have done almost all kinds of repairing jobs. As a result, they are mature and trained enough to handle any car with utmost efficiency.

Clear Communication

We believe in creating proper trust with customers. With that being said, we charge zero hidden charges for the process. As a result, you’ll get no surprise at the end of the payment. Just upfront pricing and clear explanations of the repairs needed.

Quality Parts & Craftsmanship

SB Automotive is a one-stop auto shop for your different kinds of needs. Here, we not only offer a wide range of services, but we also sell the highest quality auto parts with a warranty. For this reason, if you require to replace any components after a repair job, you can get that from us. Don’t need to wander elsewhere.

Our PA Auto Repair Services

SB Automotive offers a wide range of repair services in Philadelphia, PA. Let’s look at those in detail.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Oil Changes and Filter Replacements: It’s the most basic feature of auto care. Regular oil changes and filter replacements keep your engine clean and smooth.

Battery & Spark Plug Replacements: A dead battery or worn-out spark plugs can leave you hanging. So, we check and replace these items to keep you out of trouble.

Fluid Services: From topping off wiper fluid to clearing brake fluid, these jobs help your car remain in optimal performance.

Multi-Point Inspections: Our expert technicians at SB Automotive thoroughly check your car from start to finish. It helps us identify potential casualties before they become huge issues.

Engine Repair

Engine Tune-Ups: Machines lost performance over time, and it’s a fact. Hence, our time-to-time tune-up service helps it improve performance and fuel economy.

Engine Overhaul: In some cases, a complete engine remodeling might be necessary. Our folks will assess your engine’s condition and provide the best course of action.

Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission: Your automatic transmission can struggle to shift after some years. We can help you by repairing it.

Manual Transmission: We can help you with manual transmission repair too. It can be a clutch replacement or other synchronizer issues, we do all.

Brake Repair Services

From master cylinder to worn pads to drum resurfacing, we do all. Let’s look at our brake service includes.

Brake Pad Replacements: Worn and torn brake pads degrade stopping power. For you, we’ll replace them to ensure secured braking.

Brake Rotors Resurfacing or Replacement: Overheated or warped rotors can beat your brake system. Hence, we can resurface or replace them for you.

Brake Caliper Fix: Faulty calipers can contribute to disrupted braking or a squashy brake pedal. Our trained folks can easily find damaged calipers and repair them for you.

Other than that, we also see if there’s any leaking brake fluid or broken brake lines. Our mechanics can provide complete brake fluid flush for you. Whether it’s a disc brake system or a parking brake system, we can look into it and repair it for you.

Furthermore, our brake inspection will find all the brake problems so that our professional technicians can provide maintenance. It ensures safety and control.

Electrical System

Starter Motor Fix: A damaged starter prevents your car or vehicle from starting. We can check and fix the issue.

Alternator Fix: Alternators help recharge your battery. Hence, faulty ones will lead to a dead car. Our technicians can diagnose and repair it.

Electrical System Diagnostics: Modern cars heavily rely on electronics or electrical systems. It takes proper expertise to handle electrical systems. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair complex electrical problems.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning System Recharge: A low refrigerant level will eventually make your AC ineffective. To avoid that, our folks will safely recharge the system and keep the AC fine.

Heater Core Issues: Heater cores are important, especially in winter. A malfunctioning system can leave you with a big problem. We can fix the problem for you.

Steering and Suspension

Wheel Position: Properly placed wheels are important. Misaligned ones can cause poor handling and other issues. Our modern facility has specialized equipment to properly position your wheels.

Shock and Strut Replacement: Spoiled shocks and struts degrade handling and ride quality. We’ll replace them to restore smooth performance.

Steering System Repair: A malfunctioned steering system can be dangerous for many reasons. If we find any issues in your steering system, we can repair them for you.

Other Services

Tire Services: We do all kinds of tire services at our auto shop. From alignments to replacements, we provide comprehensive tire care.

Exhaust System: Are you having a problem with your exhaust system? Well, come to our shop and we’ll look after that.

State Inspections: In Pennsylvania, yearly car inspections are required. We offer top-level PA State car inspection services.

Book the Highest Quality Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA today!

Are you having some issues with your car and looking for an auto repair shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Well, SB Automotive has got your back. We are automobile experts who offer top-notch auto repair, sale, and inspection services in PA.

From major to minor issues, our modern facility can diagnose, repair, and replace components for you. So, don’t wait. Pick up your phone and book our experienced mechanics today!


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The number can vary because there are different standards of oils available on the market. It can cost you around 30$ to 120$, depending on the service and oils you are taking.

Yes, SB Automotive works on all types and models of cars. We have an expert team of mechanics who know how to diagnose and repair all kinds of cars.

Well, at SB Automotive, we offer on-point estimates to stay honest and transparent. However, there could be cases where you’ll need additional repairs. In those cases, we’ll first discuss the issue with you and then upon your approval, proceed to the task.

  • Some of the most critical warning lights that you should not ignore are:

  • Red Brake Warning Light

  • Red Oil Pressure Warning Light

  • Red Engine Temperature Warning Light

  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) or Check Engine Light

  • Airbag Warning Light

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